A briefing on AI

Artificial Intelligence, in short, known as AI, is the intelligence displayed by the machines, in line with what the natural intelligence displayed by the humans is. AI is the mode of allowing any device to perceive the environment around itself of its own and then perform accordingly to improve the efficiency and satisfy the goals for which it was fabricated in the first place. It has been developed basically to mimic the ways humans think and perceive and hence improve its performance accordingly to take the human comforts to the next level. With the research on AI at its peak and every other industry focusing on some or the other form of AI, this question naturally comes that Will AI Take Over Humanity? This article discusses further on the same, presenting the views of both of the sides.

AI Takeover

AI Takeover is the concept where the Artificial Intelligence would become the dominating ones on the earth and would overpower their human masters. The mere concept of this has brought some of the brightest minds to question the current advancement on AI and hence ponder over some alternate solutions to keep these super intelligent beings under the human control despite their super upgrade. Based on these lines there are some groups who argue that AI would not take over humanity in the next course of time for the following reasons: –

  • Some of the aspects of robots are still rudimentary and under the consideration for improvements, like having a perfect human-like hand with the equal amount of gripness, achieving that level of tactile perception, controlling the manipulation and many more.
  • The various robot sensors for the human and robot interaction have not been developed fully and based on their complexity, they could take even more and more years to achieve that level of accuracy.
  • Till date, some scientists have also been reluctant to develop such super intelligent beings based on the fact that they would lack in some aspects of human thinking like knowledge of where to set certain limits and others.
  • In order to learn about the environment, the newbie robot would take a long time, even longer than what a human child takes on an average and is another possible reason for the negation of this question.

The other side of the coin

However, there are certain groups who take the question in a positive manner and hence argue that their takeover would be beneficial, primarily for the following reasons: –

  • This idea is supported by a majority of the manufacturing and core industries, where such machines can replace the extensive human labour and do the jobs with higher accuracy and speeds. As a result, the human workforce would not have to endure that level of risks which is common in such industries.
  • The inception of concepts like Google Home to improvise the comfort levels of the people is another reason for which this idea of AI takeover is taken on a positive note.
  • There are also predictions of having better social strategies and improvised economy due to the optimality that these beings can achieve.

Hence the entire concept of AI has received mixed responses with both of the parties backing up with sufficient substantiation.