What is a solar panel?

Photovoltaic solar panels, also known as solar panels, in short, are the equipment that harnesses the power of the sun and convert them into electricity for uses in both domestic as well as commercial levels. These panels are composed of photovoltaic cells which are arranged in a pre-defined array to produce a required wattage of electricity. In this age when more and more focus is being given to the renewable sources of energy,these panels are gaining equal importance for their use in harnessing the solar

energy up to the maximum extent. This article discusses majorly on How to Install Solar panel at home.

Parameters to be considered

Before moving on towards setting up of the solar panels at the home, some of the parameters need to be kept into consideration which is as follows: –

  • Investigating the net energy efficiency of the home structure to check the major areas where the required upgrades can be brought. Some of the methods include a proper review of the home energy audit, using higher star rated products, saving energy as much as possible and shifting to sustainable means of using the energy on a daily basis.
  • Assessing the net potential that can be achieved by the solar energy and this can be done by calculating the amount of sunlight that reaches the roof, the other associated parameters and finally the size of the entire system.
  • Preparing a proper plan for the entire system, along with all of the drawings showing the exact locations of the instalment along with their dimensions and spacings
  • Looking for some other alternatives to bring solar energy into the homes like solarize programs, solar leases, community solar installation etc.
  • Estimating the energy consumption from the solar panel system and hence bringing any further modifications in the wattage of the system
  • Getting all forms of permits and bids ready from the concerned authorities before beginning with the plan in order to ensure a smooth conduction of the entire process

How to Install Solar panel at home?

To answer the question on How to Install Solar panel at home, the following are some of the steps to be followed: –

  • Completing all of the pre-instalment procedure in advance, like getting the site verified from the engineers, procuring all of the raw materials and workforce management of the entire project.
  • Beginning the work by preparing the roof suitably with required shackles and tiles to mount the panels properly and do the electrical wiring as per the proposed planning.
  • Racking of the panels to provide support to them and prevent them from flying off due to environmental conditions like high wind speed etc.
  • Post completion of the setup in the roof, the connections need to be connected with the main power supply to integrate the system and hence make the home capable of harnessing the solar power. But prior to this, the required permits from the energy board must be kept ready and all of the safety practices must be followed during the same.