Scientists are the terms used for those persons who perform research day and night and use their knowledge gained to fabricate things that can bring a revolution for the entire human civilisation.

Today, every or the other form of technology is some scientist’s brainchild and the entire human race would always stay indebted to them. This article discusses majorly on 5 Best Scientists and Their Brief History who succeeded in bringing their visions into actions and hence setting the bar higher for the human race.

The list of the great scientists

The upcoming list presents about 5 Best Scientists and Their Brief History: –

 Nikola Tesla
Based in Serbia, Nikola Tesla is considered to be the greatest minds of
the human race due to his immense knowledge on the various fields of
science and technology. He had some other interesting hobbies like
memorizing any book completely within just one read, having a mastery
over 8 different languages, bringing his vision to action by just thinking
hard about the same etc. Many of his concepts were developed much
before the other scientists of the later times who worked on similar fields,
like his AC current concept before Edison realised about charges, his
concept of electromagnetic radiation used by Marconi, Roentgen, Watson
etc. Most of his ideas were not expressed by him openly due to plagiarism
factor but later turned out to be the inspirations for the other scientists.

 Albert Einstein
This German-based scientist is also one of the greatest minds to have
brought revolution in the concepts of the general relativity and re-
defining the concepts of the solar system. Considered as the man of the
century, his famous energy equation later turned out to be the basis for
the fabrication of a number of powerful bombs. His works on theoretical
physics re-defined and challenged various of the concepts that existed
during those days, like the Special Theory of Relativity or the
Photoelectric effect that later helped humanity to greater extents.

 Sir Issac Newton
The man behind the discovery of the gravitational force and gravity,
today’s Physics has majorly been shaped by him. Not only in Physics, but
he also had a stronghold in other fields like Mathematical modelling,
astronomy etc. His discovery of gravitation solved many questions related

to the same that surrounded during those days and even his discovery of
the reflecting telescope later formed the basis for discovery of other
astronomical instruments.

 Louis Pasteur
He is considered to be one of the Gods in the field of Medical Sciences,
due to his record-breaking discovery of the concept of immunization that
is saving a number of human lives in today’s times. His vaccines for
rabies and anthrax proved to be effective and his concept of fermentation
later became the basis of various dairy industries. He also had a good
hold in the field of Chemistry.

 Marie Curie
The first female to be awarded a Nobel Prize, her discovery of Radium is
what she is popularly known for. But apart from this, another of her
breakthrough includes the invention of the first mobile X-ray machine
that was used to check the injured soldiers in the battlefields. With her
major work based on the atomic sciences, she got the pet name of ‘
Mother of Atom Bomb.’